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Hearing Exam

Hearing Exam to Assess Your Situation

Take the first step to improving conversations with a free hearing test at Baker Hearing in Macon, Georgia. A free hearing exam will allow us to determine whether there is hearing loss and the degree of loss which will help to make an accurate recommendation. We would prefer that you bring a family member or friend so that they can also hear the explanation of the test results with you.

What to Expect

The ear canal will be examined using a video otoscope. The canal image will be projected from the otoscope onto a computer screen which will be visible to the client. We will check for a buildup of wax and if the canal and eardrum look normal. A hearing exam will be performed in a sound booth with an open design. A series of diagnostic tests will be performed to determine the proper recommendation for treatment.

Explaining the Results

We will discuss lifestyle and listening goals to determine if hearing aids, other assistive devices, or therapies could be beneficial.  If hearing aids are recommended, we will customize our approach to fit your specific needs.  A 30-day money-back guarantee and financing options are available to ensure that you are satisfied.

Ear Being Examined