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Ear Plugs for All Situations

Increase your comfort with custom ear plugs and ear molds from Baker Hearing in Macon, Georgia. Protect your ears and maintain your hearing health. Custom Ear plugs are available in a rainbow of colors.

Custom Ear Molds

Custom ear molds come in a wide variety of sizes and types. These are usually made to fit an existing hearing aid, where the old ear mold has been broken, worn out, or the individual has lost weight, causing the fit to be compromised. We can fit any style of custom ear mold to suit your preferences and needs.

Custom Ear Plugs

Custom Ear Plugs

Custom ear plugs are useful if you have trouble getting standard foam or rubber earplugs to stay in your ears or to fit comfortably. They can be solid, soft, or spongy, and the most popular styles are full-shell and half-shell. Full-shells are generally for high-level noise exposure, while half-shells are for mid-level noise. Some come with a filtered attenuator, allowing you to hear normal sounds, like speech, while still protecting hearing, and are popular with musicians and gun owners. They're available in both electronic and non-electronic models and are popular for fitting over certain earbud headphones, under pilot boom-mic headsets, and other specialty uses.



Musician's Earplugs

Musicians need to protect their hearing while listening to the music clearly during a performance. Conventional ear plugs are great at providing hearing protection, but often muffle speech and sound in the process. While conventional hearing protection can reduce very high frequencies, musicians typically do not need that much protection. What they need is mid to low-frequency protection. This can be accomplished through musician's filtered ear plugs that are specifically designed for their needs.



Musician's Filtered Plugs